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Publishers, Podcasters, and Purveyors of Pulp Culture


Let’s just be honest: Pulp is a dirty word.  It’s slang for the bottom-feeder, the cheap Sci Fi, western, or noir novel, the common (read: working) writer, the artist who turns to the detective and the femme fatale for lurid tales set in half-lit offices.  In the publishing industry, it has recently been renamed ‘genre’ fiction, but that’s just a rebrand for pulp.    The crazy part is, nearly everything we want to watch, and read, is pulp, or has roots in it.  Westerns.  Adventure.  Noir.  Horror.  Thrillers.  


At Starlite Pulp, we will be publishing two literary reviews a year (see the submissions page), and publishing books as well (first two are on the shop page, and other booksellers pages).  But the publishing side of things will only be one aspect.  The idea behind Starlite Pulp is to celebrate the community and its influence, so we’ll be hosting The Starlite Pulpcast, twice monthly video/audio podcasts with folks from everywhere underneath the pulp umbrella, from authors to musicians to those in the entertainment industry to publishers, reviewers, and anyone in between.  We also have Merch on the site promoting Starlite Pulp, and, in the near future, will be presenting events along the lines of film fests and literary readings/signings/fairs, etc. 

So, welcome to Starlite Pulp.  We appreciate you being here.  Check out the podcasts (and subscribe on whatever platform you prefer)!  And take a look at the books in the coming months. And if you’re a writer, SUBMIT (see the submissions tab above)! Get your stuff out there.

Collectively, we’re bringing more than 50 years of experience in publishing, writing, editing, graphic design and IT expertise into Starlite Pulp and everything under its umbrella.  Need to contact us?  Have a question?  Hit us up!

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