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News/Events, Early 2023: 

Hey folks!  Submissions are now CLOSED (but will open soon!).  There were 12 stories chosen, and the first Starlite Pulp Review is available!  Submissions for the 2nd Review start in February! 

The first 10 podcasts (plus an author's roundtable for those in the Review) are in the can!  Head over to our Youtube channel to view the last two episodes!  Check 'em out. 

The first batch of Merch is also now available, Starlite Pulp logo tee's and decals!  Hoodies will be coming in the near future.  And books.  Lots of those.  (or, just subscribe to our email, which solves all of life's issues).

And, to stay on the pulse of all things Starlite, follow us on Instagram (@starlite_pulp)!  We also have a Linktree account now, making it easier to switch platforms for all things Starlite.  

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