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News/Events, spring 2024

Hey folks--hope all is well out there in your world.


A few Starlite updates to know about: first, for you writers out there, submissions are CLOSED right now and will be until August, where they will open back up for Starlite Pulp Review #5. 

In the shop portion of the site, we'll have new hats, hoodies and tees in the coming months, including one design we're particularly stoked about.  More details about those in the next month or so. 


As for podcasts, we've hosted both author Phillip Thompson and author/founder of Hard Case Crime Charles Ardai recently, and both are on our Youtube channel now.  We have also started posting podcast on other platforms such as Spotify, and that will grow exponentially in the coming months. 


Have a great rest of the month, and, as always, here's to the blank page!

And, to stay on the pulse of all things Starlite, follow us on Instagram (@starlite_pulp)!  We also have a Linktree account now, making it easier to switch platforms for all things Starlite.  

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