News/Events, August '22: 

Hey folks!  Submissions are now OPEN (through October, or until the review is booked up), so head on over to the submissions tab and drop us a story for consideration in Starlite Pulp Review #1!  All pulp sub-genres welcome.

The first two podcasts are in the can!  Head over to our Youtbube channel to view Episode 1 with Dan & Joey from Out of the Podcast.  We chat about all things film noir and find that the Out of the Podcast boys are also curiously good at naming things.  Episode 2 features author Nevada McPherson, where we chat up her new neo-noir novel Poser, and talk also about the Film Noir class she teaches.  We'll change gears a bit for Episode 3 (which will drop on August 29th), as singer Johnny Boyd (solo artist, former frontman for Indigo Swing) will be on the show, hopefully teaching us how to swing! (Lord knows we could use it)

The first batch of Merch is also now available, Starlite Pulp logo tee's and decals!  A second batch of tee's featuring a vintage horseshoe design for y'all with a more western bent will be available before the month is out, so be on the lookout for those (or, just subscribe to our email, which solves all of life's issues).

And, to stay on the pulse of all things Starlite, follow us on Instagram (@starlite_pulp)!  We also have a Linktree account now, making it easier to switch platforms for all things Starlite.