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“Don’t write anything you don’t like yourself, and if you do like it, don’t take anyone’s
advice about changing it. They just don’t know.”

-Raymond Chandler

“If your writing doesn’t keep you up at night, it won’t keep anyone else up, either.”
-James M. Cain

Submission Policies

Editor's Note: Submissions are now CLOSED

Until February while Review #1 is 


The Skinny:


* This is for Starlite Pulp Review #1, which will debut in December of 2022.

* The reading period runs from August 1 to mid-October.

* It is $3 a submission. Apologies for that, but there are good reasons behind it,
   we think:


1. We always want to pay writers, so if your work is accepted, you’ll receive
   $25 for your story, as well as a contributor’s copy of the issue.


2. If your work is accepted, you’ll be invited to a virtual reading and
   whatever in-person readings we can muster (based on situation and geography
   and Covid and whatever other apocalyptic scenarios they throw at us).


3. This is a unique Starlite perk, you’ll also have the opportunity to read
    your story (or have it done for you, your option), which will then be available in
    audio form on the website, the Starlite Youtube channel, and all of the Starlite
    podcast platforms (!). So, there is an opportunity for your work, your name and
    your individual voice to reach more platforms than ever via the Starlite Pulp
    branding. We think it’s a cool opportunity for writers.

Here’s what we care about: 

* It’s got to fall under a ‘pulp’ category, so: noir/hard-boiled/mystery, Sci Fi, horror, adventure, western.


* Strong characters, fresh ideas, and a sense of humor.


* Individual, dynamic literary voices.


* Make sure it has been edited!

Here’s what we don’t care about:

* Story size!  It can be 500 words of flash fiction or a 20,000 word beast.

* Simultaneous submissions.  It’s fine if the story has been sent other places, just let us know if it gets picked up elsewhere.

* Multiple submissions.  Sending more than one story is fine (or multiple stories in separate categories), but know that it would be rare for us to publish more than one story by one author in an issue, so it would be in the hopes of publishing one of them.


Make sure to include a paragraph in the 3rd person that discusses whatever you’d like folks to know about you, and any publishing credits you’ve collected thus far (if applicable). 


Look, publishing is a hard gig—and being here shows that you have made the inherently brave and marginally insane decision to publish your work!  One of the things we hate about the industry is how remote you feel as a writer.  Form letters suck.  We know.  What we can promise you is this: if you submit to Starlite Pulp, your story will get a fair shake.  If it is excellent, and it fits what we’re trying to do, it’s got a good shot.  If it doesn’t meet those requirements, it will still get a full read, and we’ll let you know what we think.  If your story is accepted, outstanding, and welcome to the Starlite Pulp family!  But if it isn’t, don’t let that discourage you.  At the end of the day, the BEST thing you can do is keep writing.  


Anyways, send us your stuff!  (click the envelope above, which will send you to our Submittable page)


Thanks for subscribing!