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Starlite Pulp's first 6 books : 

Available for sale in our shop,, and on the Barnes & Noble site, as well as Amaz*n--you can also ask your local bookstore to order it for you (we actually recommend this for international readers, they can often get better shipping prices), if you'd like.

Starlite Pulp Reviews #1-4: 41 Pulp yarns from Starlite Pulp Alumni Frank Bill, Michael Bracken, Alec Cizak, Eric Esquivel, Gabriel Hart, E. B. Hunter, Nolan Knight, Veronica Leigh, Nevada McPherson, Daniel Pyne, Brian Townsley, James Whelpley,  J. Wiltz, Eirik Gumeny, Charlie Jones, Chris Jones, Andrew Miller, P Moss, Eric O' Neal, Michael Ritt, Tim Spadoni, Jim Towns, Craig Clevenger, Jean-Paul L. Garnier, Trevor Holliday, Sean Jacques, Terrance Layhew, Brodie Lowe, Patrick R. McDonough, Jim Ruland, Aaron Paul Schaut, Alex Slusar, C. W. Stevenson, Phillip Thompson, and Manny Torres. 


Also, we'd like to recognize and congratulate Michael Bracken, whose story 'Kissing Cousins' in the first Review made the Honor Roll of  10 Other Distinguished Stories in Otto Penzler's Best American Mystery Stories, 2022!  


"Starlite Pulp serves down & dirty pulp fiction while keeping it classy with this snazzy collection of bite-size tales that explode off the page.  Starlite Pulp Review #1 contains the full range of pulp in all its glory: gritty & engrossing, suspenseful & brutal." 


--Nevada McPherson, author of the novels Poser and the upcoming Cracker

"A delightful read...thoroughly enjoyed it.  With various genres represented, it avoids becoming repetitive and keeps you hooked." 

--Terence Mayhew, host of Suit Up! Podcast

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Outlaw Ballads : A Sonny Haynes Collection & A Trunk Full of Zeroes by Brian Townsley


“No hint of wistful noir nostalgia in Townsley’s fine, unflinching prose. This is the real deal. Sonny Haynes is a fresh force of nature, the flawed diamond glimmering truth and trouble in the darkness." -Daniel Pyne, author of Twentynine Palms & Catalina Eddy

“There is a poetry and rhythm and richness of detail within Brian Townsley’s hardboiled writing that can’t be taught and when it comes to post-war Los Angeles, nobody does it better. Sonny Haynes is my kind of noir hero--a leg breaker with a heart of gold, and a character that will stick in your mind long after you’ve finished this gem of a novel. No doubt Townsley is a real deal demon dog of Angeleno crime fiction, and A Trunk Full of Zeroes is Exhibit A.” -Peter Farris, author of The Devil Inside & Last Call for the Living

Read Nevada McPherson's Review. for A Trunk Full of Zeroes.  

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More coming in 2024!

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