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Episode 001:
Dan & Joey from Out of the Podcast

Brian chats all things noir with Dan & Joey from Out of the Podcast and finds the lads know more film noir than he does, which none of them find surprising.  


Episode 002:
Nevada McPherson

Brian chats it up with author Nevada McPherson on her debut novel, Poser, the individualism of writing routines, and the looming possibility of fake college students...


Episode 003:
Johnny Boyd of Indigo Swing

Brian from Starlite Pulp talks with Johnny Boyd, ex-frontman for Indigo Swing, about the Swing Revival, finding vintage these days, having 9500 vintage ties (!), and how the music industry has changed. Check it out!


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Episode 004:
Jim Towns of Shadow Kamera Productions

Brian and Jim have a conversation about independent filmmaking, origin stories, the importance of Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein, how Stephen King keeps popping back into their lives, and living that best horror life. Check it out!